Big Beard Battery 12-Volt 300AH 3600 Watt (9 in Stock)




Product Description

Experience a new era in energy storage with the Big Beard Battery featuring an Internal Battery Management System (BMS) equipped with cutting-edge Active Balancing technology. This powerhouse of a battery goes beyond the ordinary, delivering exceptional performance, reliability, and a host of features designed to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.

Key Features:

Active Balancing Excellence:

Take control of your energy storage with our Internal BMS boasting Active Balancing technology. This advanced feature actively equalizes cell voltages, optimizing performance and extending the overall lifespan of your battery.

Temperature Protection:

Conquer extreme conditions with confidence. The Big Beard Battery incorporates high and low-temperature protection, ensuring reliable operation in a variety of environments. From scorching summers to freezing winters, your battery stays protected.

High Ampacity for Continuous Power:

Power your ambitions with an impressive 200A continuous charge and discharge capability. The Big Beard Battery is engineered to deliver sustained high currents, making it ideal for demanding applications where reliability is non-negotiable.

Massive Energy Storage Capacity:

With a capacious 300Ah rating, the Big Beard Battery provides an extensive reservoir of energy for your needs. Whether you’re off-grid, in an RV, or require substantial backup power, this battery ensures you have ample stored energy at your disposal.

Internal BMS for Seamless Control:

Embrace convenience and control with the Internal BMS seamlessly integrated into the Big Beard Battery. Enjoy hassle-free monitoring, precise control over balancing, and the peace of mind that comes with an advanced battery management system working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Durability Redefined:

The Big Beard Battery is built to endure. With robust construction and quality craftsmanship, this battery withstands the rigors of diverse applications, promising durability, and reliability over the long haul.

Safety at the Core:

Prioritize safety with the comprehensive safety features embedded in the Big Beard Battery’s BMS. From overcharging protection to over-discharge safeguards, rest easy knowing your battery and your investments are secure.

Versatility Unleashed:

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, powering an electric vehicle, or ensuring uninterrupted energy in critical applications, the Big Beard Battery is your versatile energy partner.FREE SHIPPING


Performance Profile: Charge/Discharge 200 amps max continuous Absorption Voltage 14.2 to 14.4 volts Float Voltage: 13.4 to 13.8 volts Absorption time: 2.5 hours Dimensions/specs: 300 Amp Hour capacity ~12 volts battery 15” L x 7.5” w x 11.5” H 5000 cycles, Weight: 58 lbs. Indoor use only Not rated for outdoor use Internal BMS 200 Amps continuous 300-amp surge for 20 sec. High/low volt protection Cold charging protections Short Circuit Protection ACTIVE AND PASSIVE BALANCING


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