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Product Description

Upgrade your RV to lithium power effortlessly with this convenient conversion kit. Embrace the potential of lithium technology and bid farewell to conventional batteries. To maximize performance, it’s crucial to have a charger specifically designed for lithium batteries.

Introducing the Big Beard Battery BBB280, offering an impressive 280 amp-hour capacity. With advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate cells and a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), this kit ensures optimal efficiency and longevity. The BMS provides features like high and low-temperature shut-off and active balancing, ensuring your batteries perform at their best.

When paired with the Victron IP22 charger, you’ll experience a new level of power management. This advanced battery charger offers wireless monitoring capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly track voltage and current, adjust settings, and update the charger with the latest features.

Enjoy unmatched efficiency with up to 94% efficiency, setting new industry standards. Compared to traditional chargers, the Victron IP22 generates up to four times less heat, ensuring a cooler and safer operation. Furthermore, once your battery reaches full charge, power consumption drops to an astonishingly low 0.5 Watt, surpassing industry norms by five to ten times.

Who can benefit from this kit?

– RV enthusiasts seeking to power their 12-volt needs with lithium batteries but lacking a lithium-capable charger.

– Individuals without an existing inverter charger suitable for lithium batteries.

– Those who don’t require battery-powered 120-volt capabilities (don’t worry, we have alternative kits for that purpose).

Upgrade your RV power system effortlessly and harness the efficiency of lithium technology. Embrace the power of Big Beard Battery BBB280 and the innovative Victron IP22 charger conversion kit. Elevate your adventures with unrivaled power and performance.


  • Weight: 62 oz

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