Fulltime Off-Gridder Solar kit (For 50 amp RVs)



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Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of convenience and comfort with our premium offering – run up to three air conditioners simultaneously or opt for two air conditioners alongside the microwave, all without compromise. Our cutting-edge solution harnesses the power of two Victron Quattro 5000 inverters, delivering an impressive 4,000 watts of continuous power each for a total of 8,000 watts. Coupled with ample solar capacity to charge six Big Beard Batteries, you can now enjoy uninterrupted performance and freedom from power limitations. Elevate your lifestyle with the best of both worlds, embracing an unrivaled level of efficiency and luxury.

The 50 amp Fulltime Off-Gridder RV Solar Kit includes:

QUA125021100 Quattro 12/5000/220-100/100 120V VE.BusQty 2

Big Beard Batteries Big Beard Batteries 200amps continuous 300amp hours Qty 6

LYN060102000 Lynx Distributor Qty 4

LYN040102100 Lynx Shunt VE.Can (M8) Qty 1

MEGA-fuse 100A/32V Qty 2

MEGA-fuse 250A/32V Qty 4

MEGA-fuse 40A/32V Qty 4

CNN catastrophic fuse 800a

BDC Blue Sea 350a battery disconnect Qty 4

200-watt solar panels Rich solar panel Qty 6

335-watt Solar Panels Rich Solar Qty: 4

Solar panel feet 1 pack per panel included

SmartSolar MPPT 150/100-Tr VE.Can Qty 2

DC breaker and din rail 30 amp din rail breaker Qty 4

BPP900450100 Cerbo GX Qty 1

BPP900455050 GX touch 50 Qty 1

**Shipping is provided by LTL freight. A box truck with a lift gate is provided

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