“The Beast” 24-Volt 300AH 7200 Watt (4 in Stock)



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Product Description

Introducing the Big Beard Battery 24-Volt 320-Amp-Hour Powerhouse! Packing 7200 watts in just 1 battery.

When it comes to powering your 24-volt systems, look no further than the Big Beard Battery. With each battery packing an impressive 7600 watts of power, this is the ultimate choice for your energy needs. Its versatile rackmount design allows the battery to be positioned horizontally or vertically, offering flexibility to suit your setup. Plus, the built-in 200-amp breaker not only ensures safety but also saves valuable space in your RV.

Key Features:

  1. Active Balancing: Experience uninterrupted power with our advanced active balancing technology. Unlike most batteries that require weeks on a charger to balance, Big Beard Batteries maintain cell balance within a 1/10v tolerance, even during active use. This feature not only enhances performance but also extends the lifespan of the battery, giving you long-lasting reliability.
  2. Built-in 200-Amp Breaker: Say goodbye to the hassle of adding extra breakers. Each Big Beard Battery includes a robust 200-amp breaker, simplifying your installation and conserving precious cargo space in your RV.
  3. Stow-Away Switch: We understand the importance of efficient storage and winterization. That’s why every Big Beard Battery comes equipped with a convenient on/off switch. When it’s time to stow your batteries for the off-season, simply turn off the internal Battery Management System (BMS) to preserve power until your next adventure begins.

Choose the Big Beard Battery for unrivaled power, advanced technology, and hassle-free RV energy management. Elevate your RV experience and keep the energy flowing, no matter where the road takes you.


  • Weight: 136 oz

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