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Discover the ideal solution for venturing into the world of lithium batteries and solar without the need for roof-mounted panels. If you’re seeking a reliable method to keep your batteries charged during periods of RV non-use, look no further – our cutting-edge Kit is tailored just for you. This package ensures your battery remains fully topped off while in storage, guaranteeing it’s ready for action whenever you return to pick up your camper. Embrace the convenience of maintaining a fully charged battery without the hassle of roof installations. Seamlessly transition to the power of solar and lithium batteries, and embark on worry-free adventures, knowing your battery is always prepared to accompany you on your journeys.

Package Includes:

Qty 1: 280ah Big Beard Battery

Qty 1: Victron Blue Smart IP22 Charger

Qty 1: RCH SOLAR Mega 100-watt Briefcase Portable Solar Charging Kit

The perfect Kit for keeping your battery topped off while in storage. Make sure your battery is fully charged and ready for use anytime you come to pick your camper up.

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